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NOAH Revision History:

Release v3.3.1 2012-Dec-04
  • fixed memory leak in upload_new_version! (-O2 gcc option seemed to bring this out and not initialize dthead=NULL)

Release v3.3.0 2012-Nov-15
  • changed elinks to generate slideshow using improved javascript and tunnable by admin user
  • re-structured/trimmed files and dirs to remove unnecessary files
  • upgraded zip and unzip and removed embedded zip from download.c
  • added client source code and changed license to GNU
  • made some changes/fixes to make it easier to install windows/apache2
  • added -nodups option and changed default noah client put -new to permit duplicate filenames
  • created man pages for admin programs and noah (client) and added -help to programs dumping equivalent man page.
  • created Debian packaging scripts and .deb releases
  • fixed downloading to get around Android bug
  • added some more READMEs for Debian and Windows MING compile
  • changed install to install-noah and modified Makefile(s) to remove problems with 'make install' - updated documentation.

Release v3.2.6 2009-May-14
  • released NOAH Server under GNU General Public License

Release v3.2.3 2008-Aug-21
  • Fixed an error to the install user interface that appeared in Debian Lenny Linux environment caused by a stale file handle.
    NOTE: This only affects the install user interface and infact does not prevent a correct installation .. just causes confusion for the installer!

    Should I update to this release? If you have v3.2.2 installed, there is no reason to upgrade to this release.

Release v3.2.2 2008-Aug-12
  • SECURITY update: improved input validation to counter XSS attacks. See XSS bug fix to understand security risk.
  • added user branding options so user can replace 'NW' logo with custom logo.
  • added email notification to 'admin' user when a new user applies for an account.
  • improved the login sequence to give some 'autofocus' and skip login progress page (except 'admin' user).
  • adjusted 'Current Directory' layout so user can play with spacing in 'layout.css' file in html directory.
  • adjusted 'database' label so Konqueror browser is happy.
  • fixed a 'database' error in 'getrecent' for multiple databases.
  • fixed minor bug in 'multiple database' option in a directory link.

Release v3.2.1 2007-Dec-20
  • added doclink button to create file and directory links (short-cuts).
  • added Category and Status fields to meta-data.
  • added state-machine to control who can change Status field of a file (admin. programmable).
  • added font-size control buttons to improve user comfort.
  • re-worked (improved!) NOAH colours and page layouts
  • added proper filtering to prevent meta-data html syntax from affecting NOAH page layout.
  • changed format to work with 'doclink' feature.
  • fixed a cookie clear bug with Windows IE (on logout).
  • fixed bug in license testing for max. file limit that might have caused a Windows installation to hang.
  • improved error checking for linux and windows when opening shared files (biggest improvement with Windows version).
  • added a check on login to noah.config variable 'cgibin_home' to make sure installation correct and cookies behave correctly.
  • removed 'email to group/world' buttons from elink if user is 'universe'.
  • extracted embedded style and javascript code to .css and .js files to make fonts and colour tweaks easier.
  • fixed minor bug in purge command that did not properly delete versions in the .zip file.

Release v3.1.3 2007-July-9
  • added Show Recent Changes feature to NOAH pages so users can quickly determine what documents have recently changed in a project.
  • added documentation on how to use 'getrecent.cgi' program in a Wiki or html project page.
  • added Special File Icons feature to permit special files to rise to the top of NOAH directory listings (above dirs) with a custom icon.
  • included a perl program to sync DokuWiki pages (referenced by Special File Icons ) with NOAH content searching. See Wiki/NOAH demo!
  • changed download.cgi option in [ V ] menu to default to 'prompt to download file' to make it easier to access versions on html documents.

Release v3.1.1 2007-June-11
  • new database structure providing dramatic speed improvement to content and meta-data searching.
  • upper 'theoretical' document limit of 4 billion with no loss of browsing, 'edit' and 'move' efficiency.
  • many commands such as 'move' and 'edit' have been re-designed for efficiency and to be more 'friendly'.
  • changed WasteBasket to store deletions in YYYY-MM sub-directories.
  • added a database 'converter' program that automatically comes up to convert to new database format. Option to do this in 'command line' or 'webpage'.
  • added a '% completion' to searching so you can 'page' through your matched results.
  • changed 'download' so a 'universe' user (guest) can link to a directory with out being forced to go through the login (if permissions allow).
  • improved colours in elink page, added 'Menu' and fixed directory links so the default behaviour is to go to the directory instead of downloading it as a zip!
  • removed 'rw' field in 'Perm.' column for 'OWNER' since OWNER always has 'rw'.
  • modified 'purge' to accommodate new WasteBasket format with -keep 'months' option (defaults to 2 months).
  • added -daily_at option to purge so you can have a highly frequent job (such as email.bat) also contain a purge command that only runs once a day at the specified hour.
  • fixed a bug in esend that was doing un-necessary backups of email lists in NOAH admin directory.
  • added SSL to NOAH client so you can access a secure HTTPS NOAH database (except for linux redhat 7.2 binary .. ask if you want it!).
  • daily meta-data backup on first 'login' of the day is now limited to first 8192 files/dirs and does not backup directory parent/children info. (meant now more as a debug tool).

Version V3.1.1 - Risk Assessment.

Release v2.2.1 2006-Dec-10
  • added 'subscribe' feature: users can subscribe to a file or directory to be notified by email if a new default version appears.
  • added 'admin group' feature to permit other users to take on some of the roles of 'administrator'.
  • added 'menu' option to downloading files and modified 'elinks' and email templates to take advantage of this new option. See installation warnings on *.new file extensions when you install this version (NOAH does not over-write existing email templates) and compare your old and new templates.
  • improved directory navigation so all conditions are met for bookmarking a directory with the users browser 'bookmark' feature.
  • added a 'test for update' link in the admin 'update' page.
  • fixed bug in 'purge -zip' option that was zipping up file too!
  • minor optimization to content search for large databases .. more sigificant improvements will follow in future release.
  • small tweak to font sizes on 'labels'
  • small tweak to default noah.config 'blue' colour scheme (bgtitle_colour)
  • re-work of 'elinks' colour and format
  • fixed icon placement in FireFox 2.0 browser.
  • fixed 'query stats' format issue in OPERA browser.
  • released small patch to client programs (0.3.1b) to ensure that user does not mistakenly set 'cgibin_home' to a path that does not start with '/'.

Release v2.1.6 2006-Nov-14
  • NOAH Free Edition now downloads with 'Elinks' and 'Client Scripting' enabled. See FAQ I1.6 to upgrade your existing NOAH Free Edition noah.key once you have downloaded and installed this release.
  • Updated some install FAQ's that were under construction.
  • Added a 10 item limit on moves to make sure large database moves don't cobble the server.

Release v2.1.5 2006-Nov-8
  • Major speed improvement affecting large NOAH databases (smarter buffering).
  • Minor change to how NOAH changes directories so you can bookmark your favorite directories with your browsers bookmark/favorites interface. See FAQ U4.5.
  • Fixed edit meta-data [E] bug in Advanced Search.

Release v2.1.4 2006-Oct-14
  • Fixed directory corruption bug:
    Before: A directory name that matches the prefix of a 2nd directory name in the same parent directory can cause a data corruption in the NOAH database during some operations. See example for a more complete description of this bug.
    Now: Bug fixed. In addition, the fix-index program will fix a NOAH database that has been corrupted with this bug.
  • Search and Advanced Search features have been re-written and searches are now very quick especially with large directory hierarchies with a large number of search matches.
  • User now has control over the search limit and whether to include the WasteBasket in the search.
  • fixed bug in purge command to include graceday test when version deletes are encounter.
  • major improvement to wrapping for extra large filenames and titles.

Release v2.1.3 2006-Aug-20
  • fixed directory name bug:
    Before: If a user created a directory with an empty name field and then deleted that directory, the database became inconsistent and files could only be retrieved with a text editor.
    Now: A user can not create a directory with an empty name field.
  • added 'fix-index' feature to remove directories that have empty name fields.
  • added more detailed logging of delete, move and lock/unlock actions so individual files are logged.
  • added Delete Date field sort to /WasteBasket so it's easier to find recent deletions.
  • added 'grace day' option to purge admin command so that by default WasteBasket files and directories are only purged if they have been sitting in WasteBasket for 10 days. User can change default with -graceday option.
    NOTE: purge command only moves files out of the WasteBasket database and into a time-stamped waste directory on the serve. It is up to the administrator to decide when to finally remove these files from the serve.

Release v2.1.1 2006-June-30
  • added three 'Admin Select' buttons ('noah.config', 'noah.key' and 'update') to make it easier for an admin super-user to see NOAH configuration and license key details aswell as to simplify NOAH update procedure.
  • added OpenOffice support to Content Search Option (.sxw, .sxc).
  • added WINDOWS support for database file compression (auto unzip from
  • added -zip and -unzip options to 'purge' admin command.
  • added real-time indexing support to WINDOWS Content Search option (requires database.config option and SSI server authentication change).
  • fixed small bug in 'profile' program (used in Content Search option to create indexes). If very last word in file was not followed by a non-word character, it was lost.
  • fixed 'totxt -xml' option: was not handling nested xml content correctly (used in Content Search option for WINDOWS Excel files). Result was that words in bold headings could be missed.
  • changes to 'mkstats*' scripts to primarily support WINDOWS real-time indexing for Content Search option.
  • added 'cmd.log' to capture output from system commands and calls to NOAH child processes (assists debug of automatic unzip and real-time indexing).
  • refinements to NOAH install documentation.

Release v2.0.1 2006-June-4
  • added Content Search option
  • added incremental licensing
  • added login link to find a users locked files
  • added 'noah.config' and 'noah.key' admin buttons
  • changed behaviour of delete command to abort if files or directories are locked. (see noah.config lock_perms variable for more options)
  • fixed mime-types parsing error (WINDOWS only problem)
  • fixed 'default' bug. If a user uploaded with 'default' box not checked the upload size and date was not set correctly.
  • fixed purge -t minor bug. If running purge -t with active users, the temp directory would get deleted giving the user a strange error.
  • minor fix to efetch to improve file integrities
  • fixed a WINDOWS bug on large directory downloads

Release v1.5.5 2006-May-2
  • Fixed major bug in NOAH 'move' command (issue with files in sub-sub directories)
  • Fixed problem with daily backups - Abstract fields getting corrupted
  • Improved elinks 'slideshow' for slower (dialup) connections
  • Improved error reporting on 'fix-index' admin program
  • Improved error reporting on index file 'field errors'

Release v1.5.4 2006-April-5
  • fixed email notification error - upload date was sometimes wrong in emails.
  • fixed mangled date field in noah.log file
  • minor improvements to 'Manage users/group' admin menu

Release v1.5.3 2006-April-4
  • fixed bug with Change Password in login page (that was deleting a users group/department)
  • added noah.config variable passwd_level to give administrator options on how strict password selection is enforced.
  • added admin option to expire passwords.
  • fixed bug with 'disable.users' in v1.5.2 (only this version and was 'disable_users' in this version).

Release v1.5.2 (this release was not made generally available!)
  • added full path to cgi-bin/noah file reads to simplify Windows Server 2003 installation procedure (setting of alias not as strict)
  • added install feature to copy 'install.config' to cgi-bin directory .. to make it easier to find this file in future when upgrading NOAH versions!

Release v1.5.1 2006-Mar-22
  • added 'Select Action: edit' button - to edit common fields when selecting more than one file.
  • added download with lock option enabled with lock_prompt variable in the noah.config file.
  • more consistent layout of menus, reduced font size on buttons.
  • added better control of group email notification in 'elinks' and 'upload new version'
  • added FAQ to menu title bar - created FAQ's for user and installer
  • optimized 'hide' function (hiding multiple fields)
  • fixed bug in 'esend' that would lockup emailing if it could not find a group name.
  • fixed bug in admin log that was not displaying all entries.
  • changed install to generate 'elinks_logo' in noah.config to point to local Nordicwind icon .. rather than on site. Don't forget you can configure this to point to your own logo and website!

Release v1.5.0b
  • fix to Admin Query Logs - was not displaying all entries.

Release v1.5.0
  • Directory Locking - see user HELP file.
  • Read-Write and Read-Only Groups.
  • tighter control on who can delete, move, create files and dirs at home directory.
  • User Change password option.
  • Improved user/group admin menu.
  • User Department category in admin menu.
  • quick hide fields feature for when filenames and titles get very long.
  • improved version info menu ([V]).
  • more information logged to database log file.
  • on-line help menu links to easily access the latest help files.
  • more efficient directory move command.

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