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NOAH Applications

  • small, medium and large office settings where managing and sharing documents is key to business success.

  • organizations and clubs that need a simple and effective way of sharing documents with a large member population via the web.

  • home networks where there is a need to share documents, photos, spreadsheets etc. across multiple computers from a single server

Solving problems ... by answering these questions:

  • File Sharing: How do I make sure that Joe in Italy knows how to access the most recent document in Ottawa and make changes to it if I permit him?

  • File Naming: What do I call the next version of my document and where do I store it?

  • File Grouping: Which pdf document belongs to which word document and is it up to date?

  • What's the latest version of this document and where are the historic versions?

  • Who has the latest version of this document?
    Can I safely start making changes to my copy?

  • Where are the critical documents in our company so I know they are being backed up securely?

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