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NOAH User Features

  • Server-based documentation system.

    Benefit: Any valid user can access and modify documents in the repository through a web browser.

  • File locking.

    Benefit: User can lock a file to signal to others that it is being modified.

  • Simple user interface reflecting a directory hierarchy augmented with a search capability.

    Benefit: Easy to locate and manage files.

  • Meta-data for each document includes fields such as Title, Filename, Author, Abstract, Access Permission and Directory Location.

    Benefit: Assists user in identifying and searching for documents.

  • Version control on all documents with screens showing Upload History, File Sizes, Version Numbers and Comments.

    Benefit: User can clearly see the version history of a document ..and retrieve earlier versions if necessary.

  • Simple and Advanced Search engine for Meta-data and Content searching.

    Benefit: Makes it easy to locate a document in the repository or search for content in seemingly unrelated documents.

  • Email notification for subscribers to files and directories. <<< NEW FEATURE!

    Benefit: Lets a user keep track of changes in a document or group of documents simply by 'subscribing' to that file or directory.

  • Ability to 'group' files and directories.

    Benefit: Lets a user identify related documents (such as a pdf document related to an originating word document).

  • Complete directories can be downloaded into a single zip file.

    Benefit: Makes it simple to package the most recent files in a directory for, say distribution to a customer.

  • Multiple 'new version' upload.

    Benefit: Reduces errors and makes it easier to update multiple files.

  • Multiple file download in zip format.

  • User can move multiple files and dirs with an efficient select box interface.

    Benefit: Permits users to 're-organize' directories efficiently as a project progresses and storage categories change.

  • Document and Photos 'elink' generator.

    Benefit: makes it easy to send a list of file links, or a slide show of pictures, to users or web-masters rather than the files themselves. This saves bandwidth, ensures user always points to most recent documents!.

  • Tooltips on virtually all user and administrator buttons.

  • Client scripting capability.

    Benefit: Permits user to create and run scripts on client machines to automate uploads etc.

  • User can sort on different fields in directory display.

    Benefit: Makes it easier to look at a large number of documents in a large directory.

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