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NOAH Administration Features

  • Administrator interface to manage users.

    Benefit: removes any error-prone password file editing.

  • New users apply for username/password through login menu.

    Benefit: Reduces drudgery of administrating NOAH by having the user select his username and password .. and the administrator simply has to approve it (or not!).

  • No required dependencies on other tools.

    Benefit: makes installation of NOAH simple and easier to support.

  • Administrator interface to look at database statistics.

    Benefit: Tells administrator the health of the database, how many users and files/dirs etc. to manage growth issues.

  • Deleted files/dirs go to a special WasteBasket directory.

    Benefit: Files can be retrieved from wastebasket if file deleted in error.

  • Run-time NOAH configuration file.

    Benefit: Gives administrator control over where various files and directories are located on the server as well as many other features such as colour, session timeouts etc.

  • Configuration control over date format and GMT vs. local time.

    Benefit: Lets administrator configure NOAH for single or multi-site organizations to ensure time information makes sense.

  • Log file administration menu with search capability.

    Benefit: Makes it easy for an administrator to manage and access log file.

  • Version zip compress/auto-uncompress.

    Benefit: Administrator can zip up version files to save disk space .. and NOAH will unzip if a user requests access to versions.

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