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NOAH 3rd Party Software

The Content Search option of NOAH requires the use of a number of 3rd party programs to generate text files in order to index the NOAH database.

With out these programs, the NOAH Content Search option will not work.

What are the 3rd party programs?

pdftotest (xpdf package)

What are the licensing issues:

Most of these programs are GNU GPL.

What versions work?

The NOAH Content Search option has only been tested with the following versions:

antiword:version 0.37
xpdf:version 3.01p12
catdoc:version 0.94.2
xlhtml:version 0.5

How to get these 3rd party programs?


The NOAH WINDOWS version starting with release v2.0.1 includes the necessary 3rd party programs pre-compiled along with documentation and there respective licensing agreements and read-me's.

Starting with NOAH release v2.0.1, you will find a new menu item called 't' for installing 3rd party support for Content Searching. This menu will instruct you to go to your noah admin directory (typically c:\noah_admin) and run the self-extracting program noah_3rdParty.exe to create the subdirectory noah_3rdParty.

If you wish to learn more about these programs, you can download this NOAH WINDOWS 3rd party package separately in a 'zip' file:

size:     967778 bytes
md5sum:   90754c44589f1b1d9ac84ef12948b0c8

Linux Debian:

as root:

    apt-get install antiword
    apt-get install xlhtml
    apt-get install xpdf
    apt-get install catdoc

NOTE: verify that each of these programs is atleast at the version level noted above.

Other Linux Distributions:

The simplest way is probably from source code.

We've packaged up the source code for these programs along with an install script which you can use to make and install these programs on your Linux server.

NOTE that the xpdf included in this package is a statically linked binary and only includes the 'pdftotext' program along with all the xpdf documentation.

size:     2205368 bytes
md5sum:   8e18842be64837923d58aa6c561c71ae 

Linux : Testing for 3rd Party Programs

In the above linux source code package, there is a 'test' directory that has a good script for verifying the 3rd Party programs are installed.

You can also use this self-contained test script mkstats-test.cgi (right-click, save link as ...) to do a quick check to see if the 3rd Party programs are installed.

NOTE that this test script can also be used as a cgi-bin script to be called by a browser to check that the apache server has permission to access these 3rd party programs. (Don't forget to run 'chmod 755 mkstats-test.cgi' to make this script executable!).

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