NOAH Bug - directory prefix name

NOAH Bug : Directory Prefix Name

discovered: Oct 2006
fixed: Oct 14th/2006 in release v2.1.4

Bug Description

A directory name that matches the prefix of a 2nd directory name in the same parent directory can cause a data corruption in the NOAH database during any operation that edits or manipulates the 1st directory.

An example:

/Snow/flake/white   (a directory)
/Snow/flake/whiteB  (another directory .. almost identical)

If you edit the directory properties in '/Snow/flake/white' it will move the files in 'whiteB' to '/Snow/flake/white/B' and you will not see these files unless you create the directory 'B' below '/Snow/Flake/white'.

NOTE This bug only occurs if the 'white' and 'whiteB' directories are in the same parent directory as illustrated in this example ('/Snow/flake').

The Fix

Update your installation to NOAH release v2.1.4 or later and run the fix-index program in your NOAH admin directory to fix your database.

The fix-index program exists typically in the '/usr/local/noah/admin/bin' directory in a linux installation or 'c:\noah_admin' in a Windows installation.

NOTE: If fix-index program indicates that it added a missing directory, run fix-index again to ensure you get a clean run.

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