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NOAH Client Scripting:

Client Scripting is a NOAH command line tool that a client machine can use to access a NOAH Server.

Some of the things you can do with Client Scripting are:

  • download a new file to a client machine.

  • refresh a file on the client machine to latest default version.

  • upload a new file to the NOAH Server.

  • upload a new file version to the NOAH Server but only if it does not match the current default version.

  • repeat any of the above with files registered in a NOAH Client list.

  • create a batch command file with a collection of NOAH Client Scripting commands to automate the refresh or upload of a large collection of files.

In addition, one can also access the NOAH Client Scripting commands through Windows Explorer menus (right-click).

Check out the NOAH Client Help file  .

NOAH Client Scripting source code will soon be made available free of charge for you to customize to meet your specific needs. Contact us at noah [at] nordicwind [dot] ca if you are interested in gaining access to the NOAH Client Scripting source code (written in C).

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