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Admin Frequently Asked Questions

A1.1: Paul Revere no longer works for us. How do I move all documents owned by him to Joey Smallwood?

In the noah_admin directory, you will find a program called noah-subfind. It's purpose is to do substitutions on the index files (,, dir_data/*.md and based on a test criteria.

If you want to change the OWNER field from 'revere' to 'smallwood', you would run noah-subfind as follows:

    noah-subfind -f OWNER=revere -r OWNER=smallwood -w

This will search and find all records with OWNER equal to 'revere' and replace with OWNER equal to 'smallwood'.

NOTE that the -w option stands for 'write' result which writes the result out. If you just want to see what would happen with this substitution, omit the -w option.

You can actually add more -f fields and more -r fields. The -f fields (for 'find') narrow the search criteria and the -r fields (replace) tell noah-subfind what fields to replace once there is a match. Add the -v option to make all this more verbose.

NOTE also that OWNER is uppercase because this is the name of the field in the index.fields file.

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